How can I apply after viewing the property?

All Applicants who wish to apply for a Tenancy will be given an Application Form, which should be completed and returned to us ASAP.


We shall endeavour to provide a decision on the application within 24 hours of receving an application. 

How can I view a property?

All available properties can be viewed on a weekly basis.


Information regarding the times/dates of viewings are available from our Head Office on 0121 622 2191


Viewing times are booked as block viewings and all prospective applicants meet outside the property and are accompanied by our representative.


Special viewing appointments may be arranged, subject to staff availability. However these will be between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Do I qualify as an applicant?

We predominantly only accept applications from people who are in full time permanent employment although occasionally do accepy applicantions if you are self employed.

What information and references are required?

All Applicants are required to provide details of their Employer, who will be contacted to provide a reference.


We accept references from Employers, Credit Checks, Landlords, Bank or Accountants where applicable.

What are the terms of the tenancy

The tenancy is created as an Assured Shorthold Tenancy in accordance with the Housing Act 1988.  The fixed term period is for a minimum of six months and once this has been completed the tenancy continues on a monthly basis.  Once the tenancy has commenced you have security of tenure provided that you do not break any terms of the Tenancy Agreement.

What is a guarantor

A guarantor is someone who is willing to guarantee the full rent should you be unable to pay it.  A guarantor must be UK resident, a home owner and in full time permanent employment.  The guarantor will be subject to our referencing process and must sign the Tenancy agreement prior to moving in date.

Can I apply if I'm a student or under 21 years of age?

Applicants who are students or under 21 years of age will be asked to provide a Guarantor.

As a student what details do you require on application?

To be considered for a Student Tenanct all student applicants must supply the following information:


  • Full name and home address.
  • Present address if different from above.
  • Current Landlords name & address.
  • Details of University/ College which they attend, confirmation of which
  • Academic year they will be starting.
  • Details of relevant Grants
  • Confirmation of who will be responsible for payment of rent.

  • All Applicants must have viewed the property for which they are applying.
  • Applications based on viewings by friends/relatives will not be accepted.

Is it true the terms of a Student Tenancy differ from a regular tenancy agreement?

Yes. The terms of a Student Tenancy differ and are based upon:


     -  All Tenancy Agreements are for a period of 48 weeks commencing 1st September.


     -  Renewal of Tenancy is subject to approval by the Landlord, and Tenants must notify their desire to renew no later than the 15th day of                   November following commencement of the Agreement.


     -  Renewed Tenancy Agreements must be entered into by 15th day of December.


     -  When Tenancy is approved a Tenancy Agreement must be signed, by all Tenants, within 3 working days. An appointment will be arranged by our Head Office.


     -  When signing the Tenancy Agreement payment of the following items are required, payment accepted by Cheque, Cash, or Credit Card, returnable deposit of £300.00. No administration fee.


     -  Payment of rent is required by one of the following methods:

        a. In full yearly in advance on 1st September, less 1.5% discount

        b. By three equal payments in advance on 1st September, 1st December and 1st March, in respect of which the Tenant must provide the Landlord with:

                 i. Bankers Order Authority in accordance with above dates.

                 ii. Post-dated cheques in accordance with the above dates


     -  Please note if first rent payment is to be made by cheque, it must be received 10 days prior to commencement date.



What happens after my Tenancy is approved

As soon as a Tenancy is approved a Tenancy Agreement must be signed within 3 working days. An appointment will be arranged by our Head Office.


When signing the Tenancy Agreement payment of the following items are required, payment accepted by Cheque, Cash, or Credit Card.

How quick can I move in?

A period of two weeks is generally required between signing the Tenancy Agreement and collecting the keys - this period allows for references to be taken.


Key collection is subject to the apartment availability.


What are my responsibilities as a tenant?

These are detailed in the tenancy agreement.  In summary you are expected to take reasonable care of the property and its contents.  This includes keeping the property clean for doing the minor jobs which a householder would normally complete themselves such as replacing light bulbs and batteries.  All maintenance issues must be reported to our team on 0121 622 2191 or email

Are my belongings insured by A.H. Field Properties?

A.H. Field Properties insures the building and the common parts of the building against fire, theft or accidental damage.  This insurance does NOT cover the contents of your property and we recommend that you insure any personal possessions which are in the property.

Are the properties furnished or unfurnished?

Apartments are available furnished or unfurnished, however the cooker, carpets, curtains must be as supplied by A H Field Properties. This does not apply to student accommodation.


If at any time Tenants decide they want items of furniture removed from the apartment they should contact Head Office, who will arrange for this to be done. No furniture or fitments are to be removed without permission first being obtained from A H Field Properties. This does not apply to student accommodation.

What is the inventory?

An inventory is a list of the condition and contents of the property on moving in date.  This is prepared by us and will be discussed with you during the moving in process.  The inventory will be counter signed by both you and us and a copy provided to you.  Please note that whilst a degree of ‘wear and tear’ through normal usage is expected, any damage to the property or our contents will be your liability.  For the avoidance of doubt this does include dirt or dust that was not in a property prior to commencement of the tenancy.

Can I have a pet in the property?

Sorry, no pets allowed

Is there cable or satellite TV in the properties?

We suggest that you call your chosen provider to discuss availability.

Can I smoke in the property?

We would prefer you not to smoke in our properties as this may affect the internal decoration and is likely to lead to a deduction from your deposit on vacation of the property.

What is a Deposit Protection Administration Fee

A Deposit Protection Administration Fee of £15.00 per tenancy is to be paid when the tenancy agreement is signed and the deposit paid.

Payment Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

Payment Flow and Delivery Policy

The property will be offered on successfully completing our applciation process which includes completion of  our application form, financial credit checks and references where required. 

If the property is offered to you, we will liaise with you on a tenancy start date. We will then require payment in full of your deposot and first months rent (at a minumum). 

Refund / Cancellation Policy

We will refund any over paid rent paid by you on your tenancy. We will not refund rental payments that are due. 

Is a deposit required and are there any other fees?

A deposit equal to one months rent plus £100.00 is required payable at the time the tenancy agreement together with a single payment of £175.00 by the first applicant to cover the administration costs involved in processing the tenancy application. A single payment of £75.00 is required by further applicants.


Applicants who are self employed will be asked to provide permission for A H Field to obtain a Bank Reference, there is a charge of £15.00 for this service.


All deposits are registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).

Does a deposit for a garage differ?

Yes. A deposit for rental of a garage is £100.00 together with an administration fee of £40.00

What if I cannot afford to pay my rent?

Contact us immediately - we consider your situation and discuss the options open to you.

When is the rent payable?

All rents are payable on the first day of each month by Bank Standing Order.


On collection of keys one month's rent is payable, accepted by cash, credit or debit card only.

What should I do if I receive a notice of seeking possession?

Contact us immediately - we would prefer to avoid you losing your home but we can only help you if you communicate with us.  We will discuss the reasons why the notice has been issued and try to resolve the matter.

I've changed my bank account - what do I need to do?

Complete a new Direct Debit Form/Standing Order form and ensure that this is returned to us to allow enough time for the payment to be set up for the start of the following month.

Tenant Charges for Services

To review the latest Charges for Services provided, please click here

Handling of Client Money

To review a copy of our Handling of Client Money Policy, please click here


To view a copy of our AKALA Certificate, please click here

Can the Landlord enter my property?

All Tenants are required to permit the Landlord or the Landlords Agents to enter the property, upon 24 hours notice being given in writing.

Can I change the locks?

For safety and security reasons no locks are to be changed by the Tenant.

What general information do I need to know?

-  Any untaxed vehicles parked on land owned by A H Field Properties will be removed.

-  All grounds maintenance is the responsibility of A H Field Properties, however we do request that all Tenants treat the property and grounds with respect.

-  No linen, cutlery or cooking utensils are supplied.

-  Flats/studios are suitable for 2 adults only (unless otherwise stated on flat details).

-  For safety reasons no paraffin or calor gas heaters are permitted.

-  Insurance of all personal belongings is the responsibility of the Tenant.

Who do I contact with a maintenance or repair query?

Maintenance issues must be reported to the Head Office by telephone. Our representatives will then endeavour to enter the property to attend to the issue within the next 5 working days and emergency repairs will be undertaken immediately.


What to do about utility bills

All charges relating to utilities, water and Council Tax are the responsibility of the Tenant. Tenants must make arrangements direct with the Utility Company of their choice for the supply of electricity from the date of occupation.

What if I want a washing machine?

If there is the ability for a washing machine we require that it is plumbed in by our staff at a cost of £40.00.

I've locked myself out?

Any Tenant who is locked out can get assistance by contacting Head Office.


To review the latest Charges for Services provided, please click here

I'm planning to have a party - do I need to tell anyone?

Please show consideration for other Tenants and do not play radios or televisions after Midnight, also keep volumes at a reasonable level at all times.

How much notice do I need to give?

After the initial period of 6 months one calendar month's notice is required to vacate. This must be given in writing on the 1st day of the month to vacate on the last day of the month. Flats must be vacated by 12.00 noon on the final day and ALL keys left inside the apartment.

What if I want to vacate in the middle of a month?

Should a Tenant wish to vacate in the middle of a month they are a liberty to do so, however rent will be payable up to the last day of the notice period.

When do I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be returned within 10 to 14 days, less any charges for damage caused to furniture, bedding, fittings etc. or to the accommodation, or cleaning as necessary. Deposits will be sent to the forwarding address supplied.

All deposits are registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).

Who do I need to tell that I am leaving?

Once you have agreed a departure date with us, you will need to inform the council tax department, water company and utility companies that you are moving out so that you are not charged for usage after you have left the property.

What is a final inspection?

Once we have received your notice, we will write to you confirming the date on which your tenancy ceases and moving out arrangements.  As part of this process, we will arrange a final inspection in which we with you consider the condition of the property and whether there is any non fair wear and tear damage to the property.  Final meter reads will also be taken at this point for you to inform the utility company of.

Sample AST

For a copy of our Draft AST Agreement, please click here